Support Order Management

Rejected orders with reasons

How to handle orders with rejected status

Common reasons for rejected orders:

1. Payment required

In this case, you just need to top up your PayPal/Credit Card in the Billing section or deposit for Dreamship via Payoneer/PayPal account at [email protected] to process the order.

2. Need design

For personalization orders, you need to upload customized designs after requesting fulfillment via Dreamship app. (Go to Order >> Upload design: you can upload for each order or Bulk upload CSV).

3. Invalid address (Address unverified)

If the address is wrong, please ask the customer to reconfirm the shipping address and follow the steps below:

  • Go to Order Dashboard

  • Search the order by Order ID

  • Select Edit address and enter the correct address >> Save

  • Select Resubmit Order

If the address has been confirmed as correct (searchable on GG map or confirmed by customers), but the address status in the order is still "Unverified", you can do as the following:

In the Edit address section, select Force Verified Delivery (Note: when you tick on this box, our suppliers will not be responsible for the case that the packages cannot be delivered / returned due to the incorrect address). Save >> Resubmit

4. Pending staff review / IP violation: Your order/account has designs violating the IP/Trade mark, so Dreamship team needs to review.

5. Contact Dreamship team for immediate support when you encounter the following cases:

  • Processing error: occurs while syncing via Dreamship app

  • Item does not exist: occurs when the product SKU on Shopify and the Variants ID on Dreamship is not the same.

  • Other cases