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What we do?

We believe the way entrepreneurship is enabled and empowered will define the future of equal opportunity. We know the challenges facing the print-on-demand (POD) industry—connectivity, resources, and fraud—can be purposefully mitigated with the right technology, support, and experience, so we’re delivering it.

Quality POD Products

We choose our friends carefully. Our network includes only thoroughly vetted vendors who make speed and product quality a priority. Together, we’re ensuring that trust is expected, not appreciated.

Lightspeed Delivery

We don’t force the end-customer to choose between product quality and speed. With Dreamship, QA is baked right into our fulfillment process and we deliver at an unprecedented 3-5 days.

Optimized Experience

Built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, all the “nice-to-have” features on other POD platforms come standard with Dreamship, such as the ability to upload 100s of products in seconds and pre-packaged Shopify themes to sell more, faster.

We’re injecting trust into every step of the business cycle to help large-scale e-commerce entrepreneurs take their business to the next level.

Elite Tech Partners

Change happens when we work together. We help tech platforms discover hidden market opportunities while they empower our merchant partners to push the ecommerce envelope.

Google Ads

Google Ads

Dreamship streamlines merchant onboarding and provides “fast lane” access to merchants who follow industry best practices co-developed by Dreamship and Google.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud

Built atop GoogleVision/ML API, our proprietary system protects both platforms and merchants from IP/TM risks by programmatically finding and deleting infringing designs.



A seamless integration helps Shopify pre-approve new partners while ensuring business integrity, allowing trustworthy businesses to reliably scale.

Dreamship unleashes access through trust, the currency of the future.