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Payment Methods

How to pay your orders on Dreamship app

When an order is placed on the Dreamship app, we will automatically charge the order after 1 hour of being submitted. We accept all major credit cards, PayPal and Payoneer.

How to set up your billing?

You can add or update your payment method in the Billing section at any time.


Please go to Settings > Billing to see available payment options there:  

  • PayPal 

    • PayPal transactions will incur a 5% + $0.49 processor fee per transaction.

  • Credit Card

    • Credit card transactions will incur a 2.59% + $0.49 processor fee per transaction.

  • Payoneer

Payoneer transactions will NOT incur processor fees.

  • Account Balance: You can add funds directly to your Account Balance from the PayPal/Payoneer account linked to the app.

Benefits of using account balance:

  • FREE transaction fee when top up from Payoneer account

  • More proactive when paying for orders, avoiding waiting time due to time zone differences when compared to sending offline.

  • Save $0.49 per order if you pay with a Credit Card/PayPal: Instead of paying 5% + $0.49 per order, you only need to pay this fee for your deposit amount.

  • Tackle the need of paying daily amount at once, allowing you to better manage your cash flow.

HOW to make direct deposit on Dreamship:

Step 1: Dreamship dashboard > Settings > Billing

Step 2: Add Payment methods

Step 3: Deposits > Add funds > Select payment method & amount to top up

Kindly note:

  • Deposit amount limit is from $10 - $100.000

  • Outstanding balance: the total amount to be paid for unprocessed orders on Dreamship app. For daily amount payment, you just need to check the outstanding balance on the dashboard at the end of the day & add funds.

  • Note when adding a Payoneer card: need to select Add Payoneer account instead of adding your virtual card to the Add credit card section to avoid being charged with transaction fees.

Automatic Billing

Dreamship will only attempt to charge from your account balance. If your effective balance is $0 then Dreamship will NOT charge any linked payment methods unless you turn on Automatic billing.

  • Turn it OFF if you are currently making advance deposits to Dreamship (Account balance) and don't want to pay with other linked payment methods.

  • Turn it ON if you want to use PayPal, Credit Card or Payoneer to pay your order.

Rejected: Payment Required - What to do?

  • If your orders failed to charge despite of having added billing options, please do as following:

    • Go to Billing section to check if any billing option is invalid (Zero account balance, invalid PayPal/Payoneer/Credit Card)

    • You can either set these as valid or remove then re-add them to the billing.

  • Our system will automatically attempt to charge your orders once per hour. Therefore, as long as your billing options are valid, there is no manual actions needed.