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How to fulfill orders with Dreamship

Different ways to fulfill your orders with Dreamship

There are 3 ways to fulfill your orders with Dreamship.

Option 1: If you have a Shopify store

Step 1: Install the Dreamship app and connect to your store according to the GUIDE.

Step 2: Upload products from Dreamship app to your store.

Step 3: When you have an order, just select “Request Fulfillment” in Shopify order (you can set up auto fulfill by going to Shopify Setting >> Checkout >> Order processing >> tick the box ‘Auto fulfill order’).

Done! The order has been sent to Dreamship app for fulfillment, you can log in to the app to check the order status.

Option 2: CSV Importing

Using this method, you can fulfill your orders without connecting your store to the Dreamship app.

Step 1: Log in to Dreamship app, select  ‘Orders’ category >> Order Import

Step 2: See CSV instructions in video clip + template

Step 3: Fill in your order information into the template according to the instructions and Upload file.

Option 3: Connect API (You can connect API to Dreamship from your back end store - Shopify / woocommerce / Order desk, etc.)

Step 1 : Contact Dreamship Support team to request the API key (after being activated, the API key will be shown in Setting).

Step 2: Following API document to set up.

Note: You need to set up Billing by adding a Paypal account or a Credit card to the Billing section so that the system will automatically charge the orders (transaction fee 3% + $ 0.3) and process them. To avoid being charged with transaction fee, you can also deposit money into Dreamship balance by transferring via Paypal or Payoneer to [email protected] ($1000 minimum, note down login email when transferring).