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How to fulfill orders with Dreamship

Different ways to fulfill your orders with Dreamship

There are 5 ways to fulfill your orders with Dreamship.

Option 1: If you have a Shopify store

Step 1: Install the Dreamship app and connect to your store according to the GUIDE.

Step 2: Upload products from Dreamship app to your store.

Step 3: When you have an order, just select “Request Fulfillment” in Shopify order (you can set up auto fulfill by going to Shopify Setting >> Checkout >> Order processing >> tick the box ‘Auto fulfill order’).

Done! The order has been sent to Dreamship app for fulfillment, you can log in to the app to check the order status.

Option 2: CSV Importing

Using this method, you can fulfill your orders without connecting your store to the Dreamship app.

Step 1: Log in to Dreamship app, select  ‘Orders’ category >> Order Import

Step 2: See CSV instructions in video clip + template

Step 3: Fill in your order information into the template according to the instructions and Upload file.

Option 3: Connect API (You can connect API to Dreamship from your back end store - Shopify / woocommerce / Order desk, etc.)

Step 1: Go to Dreamship dashboard >> Settings >> API to get API Key.

Step 2: Following API document to set up.

Option 4: Create orders on Dreamship app.

Detailed guideline HERE.

Option 5: Connect via Order Desk. Detailed guideline HERE.

Note: You need to set up Billing by adding a Payoneer account, Paypal account or a Credit card to the Billing section so that the system will automatically charge the orders and process them. There is no transaction fee charged for Payoneer. Transaction fee for Paypal or Credit card would be 3% + 0.3$ per order.