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How to check Order Tracking?

We will show you how to keep up with your order tracking.

To search and keep with the delivery tracking of your orders, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to the Dreamship dashboard. Click on Orders → All Orders  

Step 2: Choose the order you want to check. You can look the order by inserting the Dreamship order ID on the search bar, or by filtering it instructed here.

Step 3: Tracking information is displayed at the very bottom of the order (under Fulfillments section), including the following elements:

tracking order
  • Tracking number of the order. 

  • Carrier

  • Status. The common order statuses includ:  

Pre Transit: Preparing for

In Transit: Shipping

Delivered: Order is successfully shipped

Tracking not yet available: Tracking is not available during production time, and will be live once the fulfillment is complete.

  • Track: Tracking link. The link will only show quick tracking updates, so please go to the carrier's official website and look up the tracking number for more detailed .


Frequently encountered issues:

1. Unavailable tracking links despite already having a live tracking

Occasionally, you see the tracking number, but with an "Unavailable" status, and no tracking link displayed. At times like that, please directly to the carrier's official portal and look up the tracking number for detailed delivery updates.

Official portals of most common carriers:  



DHL eCommerce

OSM Worldwide



Fastway ()

Australia Post ()

17 Track

Interparcel Australia

Canada Post (Canada)

Royal Mail (UK) 

2. Transshipment UPS USPS - UPS Mail Innovations

PS and USPS has long been partnering up for transshipment. It's common to see UPS receive the package from senders and transfer to USPS for continued . In this case, the er will have respective tracking numbers on both UPS and USPS portals. To follow up with the whole delivery journey:

Step 1: Go to the UPS portal & look up the tracking number. 

Step 2: In the Shipment Details section, you will find the Package Identification Code. This is the order’s equivalent tracking number on USPS portal.

tracking 2

Step 3: Go to USPS portal, search by this Package Identification Code to follow up on its delivery updates.