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How Dreamship works

Easy steps to start with Dreamship

Dreamship is proud to have cutting-edge print-on-demand technology to help build your brand and take it to new heights . Our software eliminates the hassle of vetting suppliers, managing vendors, and quality control with a fulfillment network that is built for quality, speed, and scale so you can focus on your business.

Working with Dreamship, you choose to partner with a team that helps you build their brand and hold your hand when your business grow. From your first sale to millionth one, Dreamship’s expansive network of partners - Google, Shopify, Amazon, Etsy, WooCommerce, Payoneer, PayPal enables your business and brand to grow sustainably and globally.

You can start your e-commerce business with Dreamship in a few easy steps:

Step 1: Have a fulfillment account with Dreamship


Go to, sign up to have an account and begin the journey. You can access Dashboard from now and start right away.

Step 2: Explore our Catalog


You can access to Dreamship Catalog on the left side. Our products are divined in to category groups for you to easily discover or you can use search bar at the page top.

Step 3: Connect your shop


Publish customized products to your shop. Add title, pictures, description and start selling.

Step 4: Fulfill your orders


All order’s information will be synced to Dreamship app. Create Products feature is available at the Order Page and your order is ready to go. Dreamship also provides multiple fulfillment methods that can support your team.

Step 5: Production and delivery


Once being accepted by our system, your order is automatically sent to our printer. Average production time is 1 to 3 business days. When orders are fulfilled, the package is on the way to your customer.

Step 6: Collect your profit


Continue to re-invest in your business and grow!