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Can Tumbler - Perfect for Cold Beverage Culture in the US

Can Cool Tumbler 4-in-1 - A perfect product for summer

Can Tumbler - Perfect for Cold Beverage Culture in the US

Can Tumbler 4-1, a versatile tumbler designed to keep drinks cold and convenient for use on many occasions. With 2 types of lid covers, it can be used as follows:

  • Can Cooler: Used to keep cans of beer, soda, and fruit juice cold. Fits popular 12oz cans as well as 12oz slim cans.

  • Bottle Cooler: Fits 12oz bottles of cold drinks.

  • 16oz Tumbler: Used to drink both hot and cold beverages like a regular tumbler. With its convenient design, the can tumbler fits in all types of cup holders in cars.

Drinking cold beer/drink is an essential part of daily life for Americans, whether at parties, gatherings with friends, sporting events, or even family meals. Usually, they do not add ice to their beer as it can dilute the beer and diminish its flavor. Instead, they typically keep the beer in the fridge or put it in a cooler to keep it cold before drinking.

Can Tumbler is a perfect fit for the cold beverage culture, especially during this year's record-breaking El Nino summer heat. Please remind customers to add ice to the bottom of the tumbler before placing the can/bottle for optimal cooling. This product is made and printed in the USA within one day.

Bo Nguyen

Published 6/13/2023