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2021 Catalog Pricing Shift

Details on Dreamship’s yearly pricing adjustment.

Dreamship is committed to offering you the highest quality products you expect and deserve. This year we will be making slight adjustments to our catalog prices based on supplier costs and inflation. We are happy to announce that, despite a challenging year globally, we were able to keep many of our catalog prices the same. The cost of the other items in our catalog have increased slightly due to inflation, and increased costs in labor and logistics.

We have also worked hard this year to increase product quality by working with suppliers that consistently deliver the best products. Our prices will always reflect that quality while keeping our customers bottom line in mind.

Because of the customer buy-in and momentum we witnessed in 2020, we were able to to keep price increases to a minimum while still achieving our desired goals. This good news is, in part, due to your upward trajectory and success last year. We look forward to your continued partnership in increasing demand and awareness for Print-On-Demand. Let’s keep this momentum rolling into 2021.

The pricing changes will be put into effect on April 9, 2021 . You can view a full list of pricing changes in our catalog.

This pricing adjustment is the first of many announcements you will see from us. Our team has been hard at work improving the customer experience journey and we will continue to communicate these positive changes with you in the coming weeks and months.

Published 4/5/2021