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Popular error with CSV upload

How to fix CSV upload error

Thanks to the launch of CSV importing, fulfilling order has been simpler and faster. This article will list some common errors when uploading CSV orders, helping Dreamship sellers to fix the problem by yourselves.

1. Order contains duplicate reference ID

👉 This error happens when the order you try to import into the system has the same Reference ID (your internal order ID) with an order that was created earlier. This will help you "save money" if you accidentally upload an order 2 times.

2. Line items with the same Order Reference ID must have the same address

👉 Order contains multiple items (same reference ID number) but the customer information & address in line items are not matching.

3. Invalid variant ID / Invalid Print key area

Enter incorrect data in the Item Variant ID or Print key area column.

👉 You can check the variant information of each product in Catalog for correction.

4. Artwork-related errors

  • Invalid Artwork: invalid dimensions => Your design file is not correct according to the Dreamship design template.

  • Invalid Artwork: invalid size => Your design file is larger than 100Mb

  • Invalid Artwork: corrupted => An error occurred while the system loads your design link.

  • Invalid Artwork: rgb_mode_error => Your design color mode is incorrect, you need to adjust the design according to mode RGB.

👉When you encounter these errors, please check your file/design link to make sure that the template is correct.

If you encounter errors that are not listed above, please immediately contact our support team via Dreamship Inc fanpage for timely support.