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Notes for Blanket print area

Correct design size for Blanket

For Blanket products, you should note the following points:

  1. Blanket Zones Explained

blanket template

a. Bleed: Outside the dash - Danger Zone

Anything in the bleed zone will likely NOT get printed. Nothing important should be in the bleed zone. We still recommend extending backgrounds to the edge of the bleed zone however- just nothing important such as writing or names which absolutely need to be shown on the blanket. Adding a border here can be dangerous- see below for more info about borders. 

b. Inside the dash - Main printing zone

  • Between the dash and the purple line - Unsafe Zone

This is the edge of the actual blanket. Anything in this zone may or may not be printed. We do not recommend including anything important in this zone. We do not recommend putting borders in this zone. (More about borders later.)

  • Inside the purple line - Safe Area

Anything inside the purple line will likely be printed on the blanket. IF you are going to add borders, see below. 



NOT GREAT - Some important parts of the image (the words and patterns) are outside the safe area and will likely get cut off when the blanket is printed. We would recommend moving all writing to the center - safe area of the blanket so that it doesn’t get cut off.


GREAT - Writing and important parts of the design are not near the edge of the blanket, purple background is extended to the edge of the blanket. This will look great on a blanket.

2. Photo on blankets


Not recommended- expanding photos to the size of a blanket can make the image come out blurry. If you are ok with a blurry image, then make sure the important parts of the image stay in the safe area.

3. Using Borders

Blankets do not always have perfectly straight edges. For this reason, we don’t recommend using borders. If you do decide to use borders, there are ways to ensure that your borders are printed successfully, spaced evenly, and look good.

If you want to ensure that your borders show up on the blanket, make sure that they start comfortably within the safe area and extend to the dash. Thick borders are better than thin borders.



Thick exterior border: Fine - This border is thick- a portion of the border will likely show up on the printed blanket.


Thin exterior border: Dangerous- this border will likely be cut off or not evenly spaced on the printed blanket.


Interior Borders: Be Careful with these, make sure interior borders are comfortably within the safe area or they may get cut off. Remember, the thicker the border the better. Thin borders tend to print un-evenly or get cut off.


White exterior border: Not recommended, the sides of the blanket are not always perfectly straight so the interior border will not always line up with the sides of the blanket.

Please make sure the design is in the correct size so that the blanket is not cut off and inbox the CS team if you need a clearer explanation.