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[New feature] App Order - Create orders on Dreamship app

Create orders directly on Dreamship app.

Step 1: On Dreamship dashboard page, click on Orders >> All Orders 

Step 2: Click on "Create Order" in the top right corner.


Step 3: A new order ID and order interface will be generated.


- Case 1: Create an order with completely new products that have not been uploaded onto Dreamship. Click on "Create Product"

  • Tick the items you would like to fulfill. You can choose multiple items with multiple sizes/ colors all at once. Click “Add” after you are done.


    After this step, please fill in all of the below information of the item.

  • Upload File: Upload your artwork. As you can see, there is an artwork dimension guide.

  • Edit quantity. "Delete" to remove item.

  • Reference ID (Optional): Add the Line Item Reference ID (this has to be unique).

  • With items that have both Front and Back print areas, both of them will be displayed. Click on “Remove Print Areas” to delete redundant print areas.

Case 2: Create an order with existing products on Dreamship app. Click on "Add Products"

  • Option 1: Search by the item >> Tick to choose one or multiple products on the dropdown list >> Click “Add” when done.

  • Option 2: Search by Product Variant ID (you can search for multiple IDs) >> Tick to choose >> Click “Add” when done.

Step 4: Input Address.

Step 5: Edit Reference ID in the "Source" section.

Bước 6: Submit Order (top right corner).