Support Order Management

Manage your orders on Dreamship app

How to use Dreamship order dashboard to manage your orders.

To help Dreamship's sellers manage and track orders more easily, Dreamship app has been updated with the Filter feature in the Order category. This will help you quickly find orders with the wrong address, design errors, etc. and process them quickly, avoiding late delivery. You can select multiple orders at the same time based on:

  1. Order status

  2. Rejected status: Reasons for rejecting

  3. Shop name: In case you have multiple shops connected with Dreamship app.

  4. Payment status

  5. Issue status (If any ticket created)

Order status is classified as follows:

  • Submitted: Your order has been sent to the system. Within 1 hour of being submitted, you can still cancel the order if you wish.

  • Accepted: The supplier has received your order. After switching to this status, the order could not be canceled or changed.

  • Rejected: The order is rejected. This is commonly due to wrong address, lack of design, faulty SKU. (Refer to the reasons why orders are rejected and how to fix it here)

  • Partially fulfilled: a part of the order has been fulfilled (for orders with more than one item).

  • Fulfilled: The order has been completely fulfilled.

  • Cancelled: The order has been cancelled.

You can see an overview of orders sorted by status (can be filtered by time period) or click on Export to get all order data.