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How to create template for products publishing

A way to save your time when creating products

Step 1: To create a product template, select category ‘Products’ => Select Templates, and then click on ‘Create Templates’.

Step 2: Select the product you need to create the template. You can use the "Search" box to quickly search the product name.

Step 3: Edit information in the product template: Template name, product description, tags, price, color, sizes, personalization, etc.

Note: You can Bulk edit price for all variants based on Base price (fix number) or Margin (%).

Example: Select edit by base price, then fill in the box with desired profit level ($10, $20, etc) >> the system will automatically set the price for all variants to reach the set profit.

After you've edited all the elements in the template, choose Save to save and use it when uploading the product.