The Dreamship Supply Network: Why Fast Shipping and Quality Matters

What does it take to be a quality print-on-demand network?

E-commerce platforms often use the term “quality” liberally when describing their products and services. However, they fall short of providing a clear definition or measurement.

In other markets, there are standards to establish the quality of a product or service. For example, “certified organic” produce must meet stringent guidelines in order to earn the label that’s synonymous with quality. Consumers understand the label signifies the plant was grown in soil and fertilizer that were checked and confirmed to be up to par. Therefore many are willing to pay the premium price for it.

At Dreamship, we take quality seriously. It’s one of our core values. We want to help you understand why quality matters, how we measure it, and how it impacts building a business and brand.

How Dreamship Defines and Leads in Quality

Having successfully navigated the fiercely competitive world of ecommerce, we were able to set uncompromising standards which helped build today’s Dreamship. Our philosophy is straightforward: treat every last order like it’s our first. We throroughly vet all products added to our inventory, and we test the full spectrum of print and color complexity on them. Every order is checked for accuracy, packed accordingly, and shipped to the customer in a realistic time frame—yes, we’ve nixed the 2-4 week drag that platforms have notoriously normalized.

It sounds simple on the surface—deliver great products accurately and quickly— but the complexity multiplies without the proper technical infrastructure, vendor relationships, and firsthand experience. It’s why no one else has dared to try.

How We Measure It

We track many quality metrics but the two we prioritize are errors and shipping times. 

Our goal is for errors to never make their way to customers. Our partners conduct quality checks during the fulfillment process to help us achieve this. In the case that an error is detected, it gets logged for corrective address to ensure there’s no repeat.

Shipping time is another important metric for us to gauge the quality of our service. In the Amazon-led world of ecommerce, we believe waiting the typical print-on-demand 2-3 weeks or dropshipping’s 4-5 weeks is simply unacceptable. Getting orders to the end consumer quickly (and accurately) is critical to their overall satisfaction. We strive to continually improve our operations and minimize the wait time between order placement and delivery.

Why It All Matters

Fast shipping times and quality end products are important because of one thing: customer lifetime value (CLV). 

Try to remember the last time you needed a new computer. If you’re an Apple user, chances are high that you considered buying from them again. Even though Apple’s products are slightly more expensive than the competitors’, they hold up, they’re easy to use, and the customer service is great. All in all, you’re a loyal Apple customer and you’re not alone. According to Brand Keys, 87% of Apple’s customers intend to continue purchasing from them. This isn’t a fluke. Apple invests heavily in quality, service, and branding to achieve phenomenal customer loyalty.

That’s because customer loyalty affects every business metric. If customers don’t continue to buy from you or if they encourage others to purchase elsewhere, your business won’t be in it for the long haul. Acquiring new customers is costly and they’re unlikely to spend as much as repeat customers. Repeat customers, those with a higher lifetime value, will sustain and grow your business.

Putting It All Together

Today’s ecommerce space is cutthroat, and price is no longer the sole influence on a customer’s purchase decision. CLV is a truly customer-focused metric and a valuable guide towards retaining valuable customers and improving overall customer experience. 

Dreamship is focused on helping your business become a brand known for delighting customers. Better quality and fast shipping is only the start.

Bill Bricker

Published 11/4/2019