Shopify Dream Theme: Styled for Commerce, Built for Performance

After many intense rounds of mockups, revisions, and reviews from everyone on the team, we’re beyond excited to introduce the Dream Theme,

After many intense rounds of mockups, revisions, and reviews from everyone on the team, we’re beyond excited to introduce the Dream Theme, Dreamship’s Shopify theme. To say this is an ecommerce-centric theme would be an understatement—the Dream Theme was built from top to bottom with a singular focus on the customer. We think you’ll appreciate the results!

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Homepage Slider

Put your bestsellers, new products, and special offers front and center with a pretty and prominent above-the-fold slider. Each slide is an opportunity to feature a unique image just as beautiful as the last.


Keeping in mind that sellers often have hundreds of products and designs, we’ve simplified the homepage by featuring collections below the fold. This also ensures new visitors aren’t suddenly overwhelmed with endless scrolling and unorganized product listings. 

Speed Enhancements

We've taken several steps to improve page load times, a critical SEO component. Instead of queueing or loading all images at once, we’ve spread the ideal number of products across multiple pages. This creates a snappier, more responsive experience for your customers.

Mobile Optimization

Some themes just aren’t designed for mobile purchasing and that’s a big mistake. The Dream Theme ranks the most important components first and scales all text and images to proportion. The result is a much simpler and cleaner user interface.

Similar Products

Shopify enables many exciting extensions for ecommerce themes, but we believe some items need to come standard—like similar products listings. Adding a feature of like products encourages shoppers to browse items that they may have missed but will also surely love! 

Much More

We've worked hard to try and make the Dream Theme a dynamic and feature-rich theme for Shopify, and hope you enjoy the love and labor we’ve put into this project. And of course, there’s a lot more to working with Dreamship that simply comes standard, with or without the Dream Theme.

Google Whitelisting

Google’s systems uncover and block thousands of malicious websites every day. Some of these sites are indeed created with malicious intent, but others may have tripped the trigger simply because they share some of the same features. Vietnamese sellers know this scenario all too well—because of bad actors in the past, today’s legitimate sellers from Viet Nam must suffer the consequences.  

We realize this is completely unfair and are working closely with dedicated team members at Google to whitelist sellers who are using Dreamship exclusively. 

Making the Change

There are two types of businesses in this space: the brand and the commodity. Consumers buy the brand and bargain for the commodity. As platforms continue their race to the bottom, we’re helping serious sellers focus on brand sustainability and longevity. 

That sounds more difficult than it really is. We’ve ensured our products and features are simple and intuitive to use, and we’ve partnered with the biggest names in this space to help back you up: Shopify and Google. 

We’ve clearly decided which type—the brand or the commodity— is heading towards a brighter, better future. Have you?

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Bill Bricker

Published 9/16/2019