Dreamship's partner ecosystem expansion

Stripe Official Partners with Dreamship

Stripe announces official partnership with Dreamship


  • Dreamship becomes a partner within the Stripe Partner Ecosystem

  • The new partnership between Stripe and Dreamship enables Vietnamese print-on-demand companies to scale their cross-border business globally while managing payments securely with Stripe

Dreamship today announced the partnership with Stripe, a financial infrastructure platform for businesses, to enable Vietnamese cross-border e-commerce companies to accelerate their international growth quickly and securely with payments powered by Stripe. 

Dreamship-Stripe program to help Vietnamese POD businesses scale globally with ease

Since April 2023, Dreamship officially joins the Stripe Partner Ecosystem community and will collaborate with Stripe on initiatives to help POD companies scale and expand internationally. Selected Dreamship POD merchants will benefit from the ‘Dreamship-Stripe POD Program’, an accelerated onboarding program offering dedicated account managers to advise on international payment strategies, fraud and risk management, and checkout and conversion optimization. 

“As a leader in the POD industry, Dreamship takes pride in working with ethical businesses and connecting them with best-in-class international partners like Stripe that provide the critical infrastructure needed to maximize growth. By partnering with Stripe, we can empower more Vietnamese POD businesses to secure stable cash flow, manage risks effectively, and scale quickly to bring their innovative products to delight an ever-growing and captivated global customer base,” said Bill Bricker, CEO & Co-founder, Dreamship.

From now, eligible Vietnamese POD merchants can apply to join the Dreamship-Stripe POD Program and attend the Dreamship-Stripe Summit on 9 May 2023, an inaugural event to encourage best practice sharing from top POD merchants, and foster networking among the POD community in Vietnam. Vietnamese businesses that operate in countries where Stripe is live, and accept payments through overseas entities incorporated in such countries, are eligible for the program.

Connecting ambitious, ethical businesses with leading tech firms

Cross-border e-commerce has grown exponentially over the last few years. In Vietnam, many businesses have successfully built global brands that serve customers worldwide. However, this surge in cross-border e-commerce has been accompanied by online fraud, copyright infringement, and scams, making it difficult to differentiate between bad actors and legitimate businesses.

Since its launch in 2018, Dreamship has continuously improved our vetting process to ensure our partners only with sustainable and ethical businesses. Dreamship has also built an expansive network of reliable on-demand fulfillment partners and created a partner ecosystem with leading technology companies, including Google, Shopify, Amazon, Twitter, and now Stripe. 

In 2022, Dreamship and Stripe conducted a successful pilot program that received positive participant feedback, including top POD companies such as S-Palm and UID. 

“Thanks to Dreamship, we can scale our business safely with the assurance that we provide the best quality products to our growing customer base. Through Dreamship and Stripe’s partnership, getting onto Stripe was a breeze. Stripe has helped us achieve stable, safe cash flows with detailed and transparent reports on customer payments,” said Duong Trieu, CEO, S-Palm. 

About the cross-border e-commerce market

The cross-border e-commerce market was already positioned to cross $627 billion in revenue by 2022 (according to Forrester). One of the most popular and skyrocketing models of cross-border e-commerce has been POD. This million-dollar industry involves and interlinks the most-wanted e-commerce-relevant platforms and services within its ecosystem including marketplaces, payment gateways, fulfillment, and advertising services. In Vietnam, the POD sellers have picked up the earliest movement and progressively formed a concrete community of POD merchants which is still growing with stability. 


Bo Nguyen

Published 4/21/2023